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Finding a Wife for Isaac—A Lesson in Faith and Obedience

Finding a Wife for Isaac—A Lesson in Faith and Obedience

Midrash with Natan Lawrence

Genesis 24:2, So Abraham said. In appointing Eliezer to locate a spouse for Isaac, Abraham had been deputizing him to be the buddy associated with the bridegroom, or perhaps the family agent in this mission that is important. (For lots more with this subject, see notes at John 3:29.)

Genesis 24:2, 9, Your hand under my thigh. (Heb. yarek; see also Gen 47:29) Abraham’s servant literally put their fingers on Abraham’s testicles swearing an oath on Abraham’s projected progeny, even while in our contemporary world we destination our fingers from the Bible. Interestingly, the term testicle or teste derives through the words that are latin meaning “testimony, testify and testament.” Yarek could be the exact same term the KJV translates “hollow of his thigh” in Genesis 32:25 and 32, although, in this situation, this indicates become talking about the tendon of this hip.

Genesis 24:4, Take a spouse for my son Isaac. Some Bible pupils see in Abraham’s Eliezer that is sending his an allegory of our Heavenly Father selecting a Solomon will be built and where sacrifices had been built to atone for men’s sin. Read More